Foot and ankle mobility

Our feet and ankles are literally the foundation for keeping us upright, so they an area that we should make sure is in good health.

Our use of chairs and shoes with raised heels tend to reduce the ranges of motion that we use in our ankles. Over the course of many years this can lead to very tight ankles and calves and to compensatory motor patterns.

Here is a 12-minute follow-along video specially designed to re-develop foot and ankle flexibility. It will you to help regain lost ranges of motion and strengthen up the weaker areas that we can often forget.

Our basic routine is as follows:

Ankle rotations - 10x in each direction
Plantar curls - 5x
Calf raises - 10x in each direction (neutral, in & out)
Calf stretch - 30 seconds
Soleus stretch - 30 seconds
Curled seizi - 30 seconds
Seizi - 30 seconds
Fingers in toes spread - 10x rotations and rocks
Single-leg stand - 30 seconds

We recommend you do this routine 2-3 times a week until you reach your desired mobility or just once a week if you are maintaining.

If you have any questions email us or leave a comment below