Restore your hips (mobility routine)

Our hips are an area that don't always get the attention they deserve. Due to social and environmental factors all around us our hips are prone to getting tight. 

Tightness in the tissue and muscles supporting the hips can lead to back problems, poor movement patterns, propensity to injury and excessive joint wear. So it is important to keep them well serviced and in good shape.

This video is designed as a general purpose hip mobility and stability routine that can be used to restore and maintain good hip function. It will build strength and flexibility together and many of the exercises are staple kungfu and gymnastics basics. It can be done everyday if desired, with or without a prior warm-up.

  • hip rotations - 5x each side
  • horse stance - 20x
  • bow stance - 20x each side
  • front lunge arch back - 10x each side
  • side lunge - 10x each side
  • cossack squat - 10x each side
  • sleeping luohan - 10x each side
  • swivel hips - 10x each side
  • repeat the exercise you found most challenging

Additional exercises to try:

  • straight leg hamstring stretch - 20x each side
  • flat foot deep squat - 2 minutes

Remember to mentally relax during this routine, start off gentle and build to a medium level of intensity on each exercise, explore all angles of each position yourself and enjoy the process.