Acupuncture Testimonials

Migraine & sleep

Mandy Parkin. I went to see Luke to see if he could help me with Migraines which I have suffered with for well over a...

Posted by Charlie Parkin on Monday, 23 January 2017

Shoulder, hip & headache

'Luke has treated me for hip pain, headache and shoulder pain – all with much success. I am impressed by his knowledge of nutrition and dedication to his patients welfare. Luke goes that extra mile and I would recommend him totally.' B P C.

Sports injury

'As a gymnastics coach injuries greatly affect my work. I first visited Luke with a shoulder injury that was both painful and restricted my movement. After having suffered for over a year, I was completely pain free and had increased range of motion in just three sessions. I have since had acupuncture for severe upper back spasm, which was resolved in one session. I highly recommend Luke, he is very good at what he does.' M R.

Acute low back pain

Luke runs an incredibly professional practice and I've had 3 treatments so far. He manages to put you at ease with his...

Posted by Leah Stedeford on Friday, 15 April 2016


'I have suffered with persistent migraines since childhood and was looking for a more natural way to try to relieve them. I can highly recommend Luke who managed to reduce the frequency and severity of the migraines after just a few sessions. He did a thorough assessment and explained his treatment plan, reassessing and tweaking each week until we found the right combination of needles for me. He provides a holistic treatment targeting not only the main issue but by looking at possible causes and making suggestions to help relieve these too. Will certainly consider Luke if any other medical conditions arise in future.' L.D.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

'Luke, I would like to thank you for the short course in acupuncture that I have recently completed. 
My symptoms have improved considerably and with the exercise regime that you prescribed I am convinced that I will make a good recovery in the longer term. I found your advice and demeanour to be calming and precise. I have no reservations in recommending your service to anyone with a treatable condition.' R P.

General health

‘I wasn’t sure if acupuncture was for me but I’d had long term problems and kept an open mind. After the first session I felt that I had a better understanding of what acupuncture could offer me, why I was getting these symptoms and things I could do to help in between sessions. Luke is really approachable and knowledgable and was able to explain all aspects of acupuncture to me as well as holistic approaches which could also help me. Sessions were in depth and targeted all my problems; I felt better from the first session and had a great carryover with the more sessions I had. It was only a few weeks before my main problem was completely resolved. Luke was also able to help me with sporting injuries so I was able to recover much quicker than normal and then didn’t have to take time off.’ G M.

Sports recovery

‘Luke treated me with acupuncture on my legs after several triathlon races. I found that no sports massage was able to get the knots out but the acupuncture really worked. Luke’s treatment allowed me to recover quickly and get back to training, I cannot recommend this highly enough for people who are struggling to recover after a big race.’ J K.


‘I have found acupuncture to be a fast and effective way to help reduce my levels of stress. While the results of the treatments have often had immediate effects, longer courses of treatments over multiple sessions have helped to maintain my overall well-being, allowing me to keep up with the high demands of my working life.’ M P.

Shoulder pain

'I was really impressed by the professional way that you approached my complaint last year. I had a painful shoulder for several weeks before visiting you. It was difficult holding my left arm in a normal way and had to lift it above my head to get any relief. It made my job of sitting in meetings difficult and driving particularly awkward.
When you suggested that you had a look I had no great expectations but was prepared to give it a try, I really was in some discomfort and looking for relief and was prepared to do anything to get help. Conventional anti inflamatories drugs had some effect in relieving the discomfort but I do not like taking them in general and not for long periods of time in order to get some relief.
You made me comfortable and gave me confidence that you knew what you were doing. You made efforts to explain what you were going to do which encouraged me to trust your skill and competence.
I felt no discomfort at all when you applied the needles which surprised me as I had expected that to be the worst part.
On the journey home I was aware that I was already feeling easier however I was amazed that, by the following day the pain had pretty well disappeared and by the 3rd day it had completely gone. What was great was that I almost forgot about it straight away. The relief of losing the discomfort was fantastic.
I really am grateful for the treatment you gave me which enabled me to get straight back to my normal life. 

I approached the treatment with no particular expectations but an open mind and have been amazed by the outcome. It really has been fantastic. Thank you. I will not hesitate to recommend you to others and encourage them to give your treatments a go.' M J.